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bodybag published in ELLE Belgium

October’s 276 pages Accessories Special

translation :

Who : Debby Haepers and Wendy Saunders
Age : 37 and 39
Where : Shanghai
Since : 2009
What : These two Belgian women studied together architecture in Ghent, but lost sight of each other afterwards. Four years ago they met again in Shanghai. Pretty soon they found out that they both wanted to design more than just buildings. They wanted to bring architecture to a more personal scale, closer to the body. Bodybag -without any lurid connotation- has exclusively leather accessories, bags and jewels made of raw cut or woven leather. Simple and pure. In their next collection Debby and Wendy are working on woolen shirts and knitted leggings.
Buy : The clutches start at 130 euro and are for sale at Callebert in Bruges. The Gulliver choker costs 70 euro and you can find it at Puntkomma in Lier.