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  • _bodybag is a label of raw body luxury. _the architects behind the brand, Wendy Saunders and Debby Haepers are looking beyond the style and scale of normal body ware.

    _bodybag emerged from the desire to make architecture close to the body. _an architecture that is wearable, sensual, and raw. an architecture they call body furnishings.

    _bodybag is fundamental. _two architects with no schooling in fashion create their own rules for the development of their products. _they invent their joints and stitches, using their Shanghai habitat as the fertile ground for materials and skilled labor. _most of the techniques used are as basic as the brand: readable, usable, durable. _a Belgian fundamentalism created in China.

    _bodybag is the imagination. _highly urban and individual, challenging the boundaries of style and use. _aspiring extraordinary products.

    _bodybag is the luxury of the absence. _a single sheet of leather, no deco, nothing but the elegance of a finely and brutally crafted furnishing. _for this bodybag uses the best materials, ensuring you a product that defies time and fashion. _a rare luxury that lasts.